Kerri Jackson

PhD Candidate (Health Sciences; Psychology; Social Science)


I started a PhD in 2018. I am investigating "the role and impact of peer support work in clinical and non-clinical suicide prevention services" and I am very grateful to have a scholarship from the National Suicide Prevention Research Fund to do this research. I started a Masters degree by research in 2012 at Central Queensland University. I conducted ‘lived experience’ research into how people recovered from a suicide attempt. I completed my thesis in 2016, and presented the findings of my research to the 2016 National Suicide Prevention Conference, and the 17th International Mental Health Conference. I am a person with lived experience. My first publication called ‘Back from the Brink: The experience of hospital after a suicide attempt and what happens when you go home’ was published on the 1st May 2020 in 'Issues in Mental Health Nursing'.



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