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HWA Health Workforce Academy Virtual Health Workforce Academy Conference 2021. Beyond the research: Impact and translation to practice. Conference Program

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posted on 2021-07-22, 03:02 authored by Ashlyn SahayAshlyn Sahay

The Inaugural Health Workforce Academy (HWA) Conference brings together RhD students and academics who have an interest in health workforce research.

The theme for the 2021 Conference was ‘Beyond the research: Impact and translation to practice.’ Presentations and discussions were centred around the following five themes and provided an opportunity for researchers to describe how they translate and effectively share their research outcomes and knowledge for increased impact and development of the health workforce. Themes included:

  1. Public Health and Trauma Care Section
  2. Gerontology
  3. Teaching and Learning of the Healthcare Workforce
  4. Spirituality and Culture
  5. Models of Care and Surveillance
The conference also provided an opportunity for delegates to meet virtually and network with people, build collaborations, participate in masterclasses, engage in lunch time Q&A sessions and listen to keynote speeches by esteemed members of the Health Workforce.


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