Dr William Mude has over ten years of experience in various public health roles with both government and non-government organisations in Australia and Canada. For his PhD, Dr Mude investigated community responses to chronic hepatitis B and has worked with various community-based organisations providing services to culturally and linguistically diverse migrants in Australia to address various health issues. He has held Public Health Officer role with SA Health, Senior Public Health Officer role with ACT Health and Health Promotion Coordinator roles in both Australia and Canada. Dr Mude's research are informed by community-based participatory action research and mixed methods research. His areas of research interests focus on disadvantaged community, migrants and refugees health, blood borne viruses and communicable diseases, chronic diseases, health access and health equity, alcohol and other drugs.


  • A qualitative investigation of barriers, support-seeking and coping among South Sudanese people with chronic hepatitis B in Australia
  • Barriers to participation in physical activity among South Sudanese children in South Australia: Parents' perspectives
  • You Know In the Community When They Heard of Something and Then You Can’t Even Be With Them”: Lived Experiences of Chronic Hepatitis B among South Sudanese in Australia
  • Hepatitis B Prevalence in Communities in the Eastern African region: A Systematic Literature Review
  • Community Responses to Chronic Hepatitis B: A Case of the South Sudanese Community in Australia
  • Sudanese Communities Experience with Viral Hepatitis
  • Strengthening Community Responses to Hepatitis B
  • Barriers and help-seeking practices: Perspectives of South Sudanese people with chronic hepatitis B in Australia
  • “We should eat it wisely, in a good way”: Knowledge, perceptions and understanding of childhood obesity and overweight among Sudanese refugee parents in South Australia.
  • Free range eggs does not mean safe eggs: an outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to free range eggs
  • Negotiating Identity and Belonging in a New Space: Opportunities and Experiences of African Youths in South Australia
  • HIV/AIDS knowledge and attitudes assessment among women of child-bearing age in South Sudan: Findings from a Household Survey
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs Use and Mental Health among African Migrant Youths in South Australia
  • Socioeconomic Inequalities and HIV Testing During Antenatal Care in High- Medium- and Low-Conflict Intensity Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Migration, Resilience, Vulnerability and Migrants’ Health
  • Food behaviours and eating habits among Sub-Saharan African migrant mothers of school-aged children in South Australia.
  • Double Burden of Malnutrition: A Population Level Comparative Cross-Sectional Study across Three Sub-Saharan African Countries—Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe
  • HIV Testing Disruptions and Service Adaptations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Literature Review

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