Tanya Capper


  • The parents are watching: Midwifery students’ perceptions of how workplace bullying impacts mothers and babies
  • Australian midwifery student's perceptions of the benefits and challenges associated with completing a portfolio of evidence for initial registration: Paper based and ePortfolios
  • Individual and environmental factors that influence longevity of newcomers to nursing and midwifery: a scoping review protocol
  • Online learning and teaching approaches used in midwifery programs: A scoping review
  • Benefits of continuity models of care in building mutual support and nurturing between women and midwifery students. Does continuity of care foster clinical confidence, emotional resilience and influence career goals?
  • Workplace violence in the Australian and New Zealand midwifery workforce: A scoping review
  • From the Ground Up: Improving Pregnancy and Birth Experiences Through the Provision of Extraordinary Learning Opportunities in Australia
  • Informed Is Best
  • Looking back, looking forward: a comparison of midwifery students’ experiences of completing portfolios of evidence for ANMAC as paper-based or electronic portfolio
  • Midwifery student's perceptions of completing a portfolio of evidence for initial registration: A qualitative exploratory study
  • Being bullied as a midwifery student: does age matter?
  • Midwifery Education: Understanding the impact of colonisation on the wellbeing of the First People of Australia
  • Thinking outside the fence: meaningful midwifery education. “Working together to improve pregnancy and birth experiences for women and provide extraordinary learning opportunities for midwifery students”
  • Continuity of care challenging entrenched views of cultural difference
  • Social culture and the bullying of midwifery students whilst on clinical placement: A qualitative descriptive exploration
  • A qualitative descriptive inquiry into factors influencing early weaning and breastfeeding duration among first-time mothers in Papua New Guinea’s rural eastern highlands
  • Promoting nurses' and midwives' ethical responsibilities towards vulnerable people: An alignment of research and clinical practice
  • Transitioning across professional boundaries in midwifery models of care: A literature review
  • Pregnant in prison: An integrative literature review
  • Midwifery students’ experiences of bullying and workplace violence: A systematic review
  • Midwifery students’ perceptions of the modifiable organisational factors that foster bullying behaviours whilst on clinical placement. A qualitative descriptive study

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