Nancy Greer

PhD Candidate (Psychology)

Melbourne, Australia


  • Motivations for Esports Betting and Skin Gambling and Their Association with Gambling Frequency, Problems, and Harm
  • Where's the Bonus in Bonus Bets? Assessing Sports Bettors' Comprehension of their True Cost
  • Gambling on Electronic Gaming Machines is an Escape from Negative Self Reflection
  • Rise of the Machines: A Critical Review on the Behavioural Effects of Automating Traditional Gambling Games
  • Audience Influence on EGM Gambling: The Protective Effects of Having Others Watch You Play
  • What is the harm? Applying a public health methodology to measure the impact of gambling problems and harm on quality of life.
  • Loot box purchasing is linked to problem gambling in adolescents when controlling for monetary gambling participation
  • Skin Gambling Contributes to Gambling Problems and Harm After Controlling for Other Forms of Traditional Gambling
  • Legacy gambling harms: What are they and how long do they last?
  • Are esports bettors a new generation of harmed gamblers? A comparison with sports bettors on gambling involvement, problems, and harm
  • Skin gambling predicts problematic gambling amongst adolescents when controlling for monetary gambling
  • Are sports bettors looking at responsible gambling messages? An eye-tracking study on wagering advertisements
  • The effect of mere presence on electronic gaming machine gambling
  • Introducing 'Journeys Home'
  • Interest in inducements: A psychophysiological study on sports betting advertising
  • Sports betting incentives encourage gamblers to select the long odds: An experimental investigation using monetary rewards
  • The Social Contagion of Gambling: How Venue Size Contributes to Player Losses
  • Esports betting and skin Gambling: A brief history
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile: Betting on Electronic Gaming Machines is Intensified by Reptile-Induced Arousal
  • A tale of two countries: comparing disability weights for gambling problems in New Zealand and Australia
  • Mobile EGM Games: Evidence That Simulated Games Encourage Real-Money Gambling
  • Young people who purchase loot boxes are more likely to have gambling problems: An online survey of adolescents and young adults living in NSW Australia
  • Unfair play? Video games as exploitative monetized services: An examination of game patents from a consumer protection perspective
  • A population-level metric for gambling-related harm
  • A Multivariate Evaluation of 25 Proximal and Distal Risk-Factors for Gambling-Related Harm
  • Esports Betting and Skin Gambling: A Brief History
  • Where’s the Bonus in Bonus Bets? Assessing Sports Bettors’ Comprehension of their True Cost
  • Adolescents Who Play and Spend Money in Simulated Gambling Games Are at Heightened Risk of Gambling Problems
  • Adolescent betting on esports using cash and skins: Links with gaming, monetary gambling, and problematic gambling
  • Seeking Solace in Gambling: The Cycle of Gambling and Intimate Partner Violence Against Women Who Gamble
  • An integrative review of research on gambling and domestic and family violence: Fresh perspectives to guide future research
  • Gambling-Related Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: A Grounded Theory Model of Individual and Relationship Determinants
  • Not all games are created equal: Adolescents who play and spend money on simulated gambling games show greater risk for gaming disorder
  • ‘Immediate access … everywhere you go’: a Grounded Theory Study of How Smartphone Betting Can Facilitate Harmful Sports Betting Behaviours Amongst Young Adults
  • The Effect of Mere Presence on Electronic Gaming Machine Gambling
  • Loot Boxes: Are they grooming youth for gambling?
  • Introducing ‘Journeys Home’

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