Michael Cowling

Associate Professor - ICT (Educational technology and computing)

Brisbane, Australia

Associate Professor Michael Cowling (ICT, CQUniversity Australia) has been a leader in educational technology for over 20 years and was the 2020 recipient of the Universities Australia AAUT Award for Teaching Excellence (Physical Sciences). He is an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion, and an Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) Community Fellow. Tens of thousands of academics, teachers, and students have heard his mantra, 'pedagogy before technology', whilst learning directly and indirectly from him through his award-winning educator workshop series ‘Weaving Technology into the Fabric of the Classroom’, and his CSIRO-supported ‘Professor Tech’ K-12 student program.


  • Pedagogy before Technology: A Design-Based Research Approach to Enhancing Skills Development in Paramedic Science Using Mixed Reality
  • Mobile Mixed Reality for Experiential Learning and Simulation in Medical and Health Sciences Education
  • Visualising mixed reality simulation for multiple users
  • Teaching complex theoretical multi-step problems in ICT networking through 3D printing and augmented reality
  • Assessing mobile mixed reality affordances as a comparative visualisation pedagogy for design communication
  • Acknowledgement to reviewers of informatics in 2018
  • Piloting Multimodal Learning Analytics using Mobile Mixed Reality in Health Education
  • Framework to Enhance Teaching and Learning in System Analysis and Unified Modelling Language
  • Piloting experiential learning through 360ºVideo and 3D printing to improve system modelling
  • Leveraging the Organisational Legacy: Understanding How Businesses Integrate Legacy Data into Their Big Data Plans
  • Augmenting reality for augmented reality
  • Navigating the Path Between Positivism and Interpretivism for the Technology Academic Completing Education Research
  • Toward future 'mixed reality' learning spaces for steam education
  • Teaching pervasive game design in a zombie apocalypse
  • Improving paramedic distance education through mobile mixed reality simulation
  • Designing hybrid games for playful fabrication: Augmentation, accumulation & idleness
  • Piloting mobile mixed reality simulation in paramedic distance education
  • The dimensions of being open: What does open educational practices look like in Australia?
  • Integrating mixed reality spatial learning analytics into secure electronic exams
  • Piloting mixed reality in ICT networking to visualize complex theoretical multi-step problems
  • Augmenting distance education skills development in paramedic science through mixed media visualisation
  • Comparison of techniques for environmental sound recognition
  • Unpacking 'digital competency': Exploring the pre-existing skills of enabling education students
  • Recognition of Environmental Sounds Using Speech Recognition Techniques
  • Using gamification and mixed reality visualization to improve conceptual understanding in ICT system analysis and design
  • The EdTech difference: Digitalisation, digital pedagogy, and technology enhanced learning
  • Designing hybrid games for playful fabrication: Augmentation, accumulation & idleness
  • Designing Computer Games to Teach Finance and Technical Concepts in an Online Learning Context: Potential and Effectiveness
  • Implementing educational technology in Higher Education Institutions: A review of technologies, stakeholder perceptions, frameworks and metrics

Michael Cowling's public data