Jaime Manning


  • New Decade, Same Concerns: A Systematic Review of Agricultural Literacy of School Students
  • The Behavioural Responses of Beef Cattle (Bos taurus) to Declining Pasture Availability and the Use of GNSS Technology to Determine Grazing Preference
  • Digital Literacy and Digital Self-Efficacy of Australian Technology Teachers
  • Australian Primary School Students’ Knowledge of the Agricultural Industry
  • Do Teacher Workshops as a Professional Development Activity Provide the Adequate Skills, Knowledge and Confidence to Deliver the GPS Cows NSW Stage 4 Technology Mandatory Module?
  • Industry perspectives of industry school partnerships: What can agriculture learn?
  • A Systematic Review of the Emergence and Utilisation of Agricultural Technologies into the Classroom
  • Sensor-based detection of parturition in beef cattle grazing in an extensive landscape: a case study using a commercial GNSS collar
  • Legal Complexities of Animal Welfare in Australia: Do On-Animal Sensors Offer a Future Option?
  • Sensor-Based Detection of Predator Influence on Livestock: A Case Study Exploring the Impacts of Wild Dogs (Canis familiaris) on Rangeland Sheep
  • Opportunities and barriers perceived by secondary school agriculture teachers in implementing the GPS cows learning module
  • The effects of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) collars on cattle (Bos taurus) behaviour
  • TeacherFX - building the capacity of STEM, agriculture and digital technologies teachers in Western Australia
  • Effects of Topical Anaesthetic and Buccal Meloxicam Treatments on Concurrent Castration and Dehorning of Beef Calves
  • A pilot study into the use of global navigation satellite system technology to quantify the behavioural responses of sheep during simulated dog predation events
  • GNSS technology and its application for improved reproductive management in extensive sheep systems
  • Sensor-based detection of a Haemonchus contortus (Barber's pole worm) infection in sheep
  • Developments in on-animal sensors for monitoring livestock
  • Teachers' perspectives about the content, context, and educational suitability of the GPS cows module for Australian teachers in New South Wales
  • High school technology teacher’s perceptions of agriculture and careers: an Australian perspective
  • Exploration of Extension Research to Promote Genetic Improvement in Cattle Production: Systematic Review
  • Rural Research and Development Corporations’ Connection to Agricultural Industry School Partnerships

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