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Theoretical and numerical investigation on traction forces for high adhesion locomotives

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posted on 2023-05-26, 00:45 authored by Andrew GeorgeAndrew George
This thesis presents a methodology for modelling locomotives as complex mechatronic systems so that wheel-rail forces and dynamic behaviour for locomotives under traction within trains can be simulated in detail. Three locomotive model types were created using the GENSYS simulation software [2]: Type AC1 (AC drive, rigid bogies), Type AC2 (AC drive, semi steering bogies) and Type DC (DC drive, rigid bogies). The mechanical component of each locomotive model was a multi-body model that considered the locomotive, rails and track. Locomotive-specific Traction Control (TC) systems were modelled using simplified electronic controls within the GENSYS model codes. Approximated coupler force components based on results from a related study [3] could be used as input, with the approach allowing locomotives within a train to be analysed individually.



Central Queensland University

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Dr Maksym Spiryagin ; Professor Colin Cole

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