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The problems of transporting and packaging of fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh

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posted on 06.12.2017, 14:25 authored by M Al Farooque
Bangladesh, basically an agricultural country, is gradually emerging into the international market with fresh agricultural produce. In order to compete in the market, standardization of the produce and packages is essential. In the research undertaken, the packaging status of fresh horticultural produce, and past, present and future practices of packaging and transporting fresh fruits and vegetables were reviewed. This investigation covered: methods of maintaining the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables; scientifically developed packaging materials; designing of appropriate methods of storage; sorting, grading and packing techniques - according to the requirements of the customers of developed countries. Following this, cost benefit studies were undertaken for developing various types of packages. Modification of presently available packaging materials and skill development of local work force were also considered and initiated - via interviews, surveys and workshops conducted with agricultural producers and transporters in a number of agricultural regions in Bangladesh. Wherever possible and appropriate, priority was given to the use of agricultural waste as the raw materials for developing internationally acceptable biodegradable forms of packaging. On this basis, some prototypes have been produced.



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