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The impact of stressors on the sleep of elite athletes

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Antonio LastellaAntonio Lastella
In the realm of elite sport, athletes are often subject to a variety of stressors that negatively impact their sleep. Such stressors range from intensive training and competition phases through to coping with jet-lag and altitude ascent. This dissertation describes a series of studies designed to examine the impact that various stressors have upon the sleep/wake behaviour of elite athletes. The first study (Chapter 3) validated the use of wrist activity monitors against polysomnography (PSG), a technique considered the gold standard for objectively quantifying sleep and wakefulness in elite athletes. Analyses revealed that wrist activity monitors provide an accurate assessment of the sleep/wake behaviour of elite athletes. The findings from this study indicate that wrist activity monitors are suitable for monitoring sleep in elite athletes. However, if detailed information is required concerning the depth and quality of sleep, it is recommended that PSG is employed as a more precise assessment.



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