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The impact of a vertical timetable on the school community : a case study in Queensland secondary schools

posted on 2017-12-06, 13:19 authored by J Drewett
Projects aims to provide school administrators and policy makers with the results of educational change - in this case the introduction of a vertical timetable and its impact on the school community, in particular the teachers.. This thesis presents an examination of the way in which an educational initiative, delivery of the curriculum using a vertical timetable, impinges upon the education community concerned, in particular the teachers. The research aims to provide school administrators and policy makers with insights into the impact of an educational change. The investigation was conducted over the period of 2 years in a group of schools where the vertical timetable was introduced. Teachers, administrators, students and parents/guardians participated in the study. The researcher adhered to a constructivist approach to the research and employed a case study method. Responses were gathered using questionnaires and a focus group interview. The study identified key issues for students and teachers. Analysis of these themes yielded several practical recommendations for administrators who plan to implement vertical timetabling.


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Central Queensland University

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Dr Ken Purnell, Ian Kindt, Prof Mike Maher, Prof Jim Mienczakowski

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