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The gendered perceptions of physical education among tertiary students: An inquiry into student selection of physical education and outdoor recreation electives utilising a framework based upon an interpretation of Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality

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posted on 2022-09-05, 04:24 authored by Colin G. Rose

One of the prevailing traditions in recent physical education theory has been the presentation of science based paradigms to inform physical education practice. Many other worldviews can be constructed, however, that can also contextualise what physical education is about. This study has focused upon the relationship of outdoor recreation and physical education in an attempt to demystify some of the implied assumptions of the debate.

The notion that only knowledge of a scientific nature is worthy of a centralised position in physical education is a focus that this study specifically challenges. Through a review of literature it will be argued that outdoor recreation can offer much to empower physical education practice. The debate in literature is recounted in Chapter 3.

The worldview that has informed this study, has been constructed around an investigaton of Michel Foucaults 'History of Sexuality'. This theoretical framework is supported in chapter 4 by the development of a methodological structure grounded in case study theory The development of this framework has been particularly useful in furthering an understanding of the influencing perceptions of both physical education and outdoor recreation university students. It has allowed the research project to peel back the layers that shroud perceptions of physical education and outdoor recreation. Student responses form the empirical study reported in chapter 5.

The final chapter uses Foucauldian strategies to analyse the finding of this empirical study Suggestions for further research are also made in this concluding chapter.



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