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The development of a hypermedia document about can and filtration

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posted on 2022-07-19, 23:50 authored by Steven Pace

 This thesis presents the results of an investigation into the process of converting existing paper -based publications into computer -based hypermedia documents. The study was conducted in cooperation with the Sugar Research Institute (SRI) on a part-time basis between March 1992 and September 1995.

 An SRI publication on the subject of cane mud filtration was converted to hypermedia form using iterative design methods which involved testing prototypes early in the course of development and making refinements based on feedback from SRI staff, information technology professionals and potential users of the system. The purpose of the exercise was to develop a set of guidelines for converting other SRI publications into hypermedia documents. These guidelines, which are presented in this thesis, focus on activities such as: 

selecting the document to be converted to hypermedia form;

selecting the development and delivery platform; selecting the authoring system;

gathering content for inclusion in the hypermedia document; defining the structure of the hypermedia document; 

creating storyboards; 

mastering development tools; designing the user interface and navigation system; 

working with the basic elements of multimedia (text, graphics, sound, video and animation);

  developing prototypes; 

and conducting useability tests. 

Recommendations are made to SRI for the adoption of hypermedia as a means of communicating the results of its research and development activities to sugar industry personnel.   


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