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The Production of a creative work: An illustrated contemporary gothic novel entitled "The Silting", accompanied by a research-based critical reflection (exegesis) of the work

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Dennis Mealor
"This PhD project involved the writing of an illustrated contemporary Gothic novel entitled The Silting. Concurrent with the writing of the novel, a substantial, theoretically informed exegetical critique of the novel was also produced. The Novel: The Silting is a contemporary Gothic novel set in a fictitious English seaside village called Cove. The Siltings narrative is predominantly driven by the psychotic interior monologue of the narrator Johnathan Wolms. Despite Johnathans cynical and nihilistic demeanour, he becomes obsessed with the apparent divine presence of an ancient stone cube the Cube - that speaks to him from its housing in an old windmill. The Cubes influence seems intrinsically connected to a number of other characters, such as the mill owners daughter Abby. The Exegesis, produced concurrently with the writing of The Silting, explores the process of creating The Silting particularly with regard to its location within the contemporary Gothic genre, as well as its role in terms of metafictionality. Significantly, the latter concept became more pronounced as both the novel and exegesis drafts proceeded, in that the self-reflexive, metafictional interplay of the novel seemed to spill across both fictional and exegetic frames. In this way, the writing of the novel influenced the nature of the exegesis; and vice versa, exegetic research came to influence the content and narrative direction of the novel." -- abstract



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