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Sleep measurement tools, circadian strategies, and dietary factors pertaining to sleep in athletes and non-athletes

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posted on 2023-03-21, 00:17 authored by Dean MillerDean Miller
Obtaining sufficient sleep is important for humans to maintain optimal performance. This is especially true for elite athletes striving to improve performance while contending with unique stimuli that may impact their sleep (e.g., training, competition, travel). Measurement tools, countermeasures, and/or strategies that can be used to mitigate factors that negatively affect sleep are of great interest to athletes, coaches, and practitioners. This dissertation addresses (1) the validity of a wearable device to measure sleep; (2) the impact of evening exercise modality on sleep; (3) the effectiveness of strategies to facilitate circadian adaptation following transmeridian travel; and (4) the effectiveness of combined nutritional ingredients on sleep.



CQUniversity Australia

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Associate Professor Charli Sargent, Dr Michele Lastella, Dr Aaron Scanlan

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