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Simulation of complete traction system using SIMULINK dynamic systems analysis package

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posted on 2022-07-22, 00:01 authored by Steven Senini

 The development of tools for large systems simulation is of considerable importance for the power electronics designer. This thesis addresses the application of the SIMULINK dynamic systems analysis package to simulation of large power electronic/mechanical systems. 

Power electronics components are modelled with a consistent structure and topological similarity to the real circuit. This structure enables SIMULINK to produce power electronic equipment models which are easily identified. The approach is readily extended beyond the simulations presented in this thesis. 

The SIMULINK dynamic systems analysis package has been used to implement a simulation of a complete railway traction system including the ac -dc conversion stage, the dc -ac inversion stage, the motor and mechanical load. Control techniques for both the converter and the inverter are investigated and use is made of the simulation tool to demonstrate the concepts discussed. The ac -dc converter and the dc -ac inverter are first discussed separately with respect to the individual control elements. The combination of the two systems is then presented with results. 

The development of additional elements applicable to traction systems is presented. The nature of these elements is such that the time required for the simulation with current personal computing technology is long. It is expected that these elements may be used in future simulations as the power of the personal computer increases. 

Finally the simulation approach developed also has potential as a teaching aid and has been used in private courses and in the design verification of a 10 kW prototype PWM converter. It is expected that this usage will grow until the simulation is used in regular courses at a university undergraduate level and as a design tool for postgraduates and researchers.  


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