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Investigation of the applicability of power line communications for smart SWER

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by David GayDavid Gay
"As demand for power increases in rural areas serviced by Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) networks, distribution issues are becoming increasingly evident. Voltage regulation and system capacity concerns are driving utilities toward using smarter compensation devices for network control in an attempt to provide longevity for aging SWER infrastructure. To date, despite increasing complexity in power delivery over SWER, no effective network monitoring solutions have been proposed.This paper examines the case for network monitoring and centralised management of smart compensation devices via PowerLine Communications (PLC). After establishing advantages in network monitoring, regulation and maintenance for SWER networks, narrowband and broadband PLC issues are reviewed. The channel capacity of typical SWER conductors is then evaluated and compared to data throughput requirements derived from existing infrastructure to validate the applicability of developing PLC over SWER infrastructureIn building a more efficient, smarter network, a degree of device autonomy will be eroded to facilitate a more holistically managed system. This can only be accomplished through communication between smart devices themselves and reporting to utilities, which in turn will require a communications medium. This thesis looks at the possibility of using the power distribution system as the communication medium."--Abstract.



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Dr Amanullah Maung Than Oo

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