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Influential factors in the flow experiences of mobile game players

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posted on 2023-08-25, 06:48 authored by Tamanna RahmanTamanna Rahman
This thesis presents a grounded theory of the flow experiences of mobile game players. Flow is a deeply satisfying state of focused attention that can occur while engaging in a challenging activity such as playing mobile game. Flow experiences are characterised by some common elements, which include: a challenging activity that requires skills; the merging of action and awareness; clear goals; direct, immediate feedback; concentration on the task at hand; a sense of control; a loss of self-consciousness; an altered sense of time; and the autotelic experience. Flow is interesting to game designers because of its connection to important aspects of the user experience such as enjoyment and engagement. Understanding influential factors in the flow experiences of mobile game players could inform practice in the field of interaction design and contribute to the development of more engaging mobile games.



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