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In the deep end: First year student teachers' images of themselves in the role of teacher

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posted on 2022-08-23, 03:04 authored by Helen HuntlyHelen Huntly

This research links the contribution of practice teaching experience to the professional development of preservice student teachers and is based on the notion that student teacher professional development may be identified through an exploration of the manner in which student teachers view themselves in the role of teacher (Kagan, 1992). This study argues that student teachers utilise several teaching metaphors when describing themselves as 'real' teachers and that these metaphors shift in emphasis and importance with continued practice teaching experience. This study took the form of one complete Action Research cycle, involving 95 first year Bachelor of Education students at a small campus of a regional university. The ensuing results suggest that student teacher professional development is enhanced through a structured program of practice teaching, beginning early in the teacher preparation course. With regular teaching experience, student teachers tend to become increasingly more at ease in the role of teacher, relying less on the use of metaphors to describe themselves as teachers, and more on the gradual formulation of a practically -based personal teaching philosophy. The knowledge gleaned from this research will add to the existing knowledge of how providers of teacher education courses may best facilitate the professional development of student teachers



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Rob Thompson ; Ian Kindt

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