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Enhancing the way students learn science through formative assessment

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posted on 2022-09-06, 01:12 authored by Susan Dawson

This thesis explores the issues of middle schooling in a context of boys' junior secondary education at a residential college in Queensland. It focuses on the way data is collected for assessing student progress in learning Science in Years 8-10 at the college. It evaluates how effective current methods of student assessment are in allowing students to demonstrate a broad range of skills and abilities as outcomes of their learning.

A case study approach was taken for investigating student assessment structures and for the interpretation of data collection processes used by Science teachers. There was an embedded, action -oriented component, which led to the trialing of alternative assessment measures in a Year 8 Science class. The case study, therefore, became cyclical, involving collaborative planning, data collection and reflection with the research participants. The outcomes of the research are the meaningful constructions that emerged during teaching and learning. These outcomes will be used to inform the implementation of the new Queensland Schools Curriculum Council (QSCC, 1999) Years 1-10 Science Syllabus in this boys' school.



Central Queensland University

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Rockhampton, Queensland

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Dr Allan Harrison

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