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Effect of traction/brake torque on the dynamics of wagons

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Zuoyan ZhangZuoyan Zhang
"Braking and traction torques are not explicitly considered in most of the wagon dynamics simulation packages, as their primary focus is to provide a platform for long distance route simulations with near real-time scenarios which demands fast solution algorithms. These packages consider the braking scenarios through the definition of speed profile as a priori. It is commonly acknowledged that the speed profile is affected by tribological and geometric parameters at the wheel-rail interface as well as the characteristics of brake application. Hence it’s prudent to evaluate the speed profile based on input torque due to traction/ brake forces; this research has considered such an approach and developed the program that can simulate the longitudinal behaviour of railway wagon dynamics during braking and traction. Consequently, this program enables to simulate wheelset locking and wagon yaw, roll, pitch in a natural way."--Abstract.



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