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Catholic principals' images of quality preschool practice: A far north Queensland perspective

posted on 2022-09-05, 23:36 authored by Caroline Browning

Preschool education in Queensland is undergoing a series of redevelopments. The process of redefining preschool education is a long and involved one. In the final publication stage, these developments have been given a curriculum focus, with a framework proposed to link all aspects of preschool curriculum. As the vehicle through which the preschool curriculum is delivered, the Guidelines highlight and promote developmentally, socially and culturally appropriate learning opportunities and outcomes for children in a preschool program. Determining whether such outcomes are appropriate has in the past, been a task relegated to the professional judgment and decision making of the teacher. The focus of the renewed Preschool Curriculum Guidelines explores a new perspective, by highlighting the need to develop worthwhile and 'workable' partnerships with parents, children, professional colleagues and community members to influence the quality of the learning outcomes for children. Resolving whether such outcomes meet quality measures introduces a focus on the value of preschool education, and particularly, its contribution to establishing foundations for lifelong learning. At the same time as introducing a focus on what is appropriate, understanding 'quality' involves the interpretation and understanding of 'quality' asa more inclusive term, incorporating all elements of practice.

It has been argued that the Queensland Preschool Curriculum Guidelines are reaffirming the like-minded and that, since it is the responsibility of principals and school administrators to disseminate the Guidelines, the focus should be narrowed to identifying and exploring their views regarding the Preschool Guidelines and understanding of quality preschool practice. This research represents a new and innovative approach to the study of professional knowledge and the way it is used to make judgments about the provision of a quality curriculum in the preschool context.



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