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Bullying in schools: Guidance officer and student perspectives

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posted on 2022-08-23, 03:58 authored by Kerry Lupton-Kelso

Bullying in schools has been a problem for as long as schools have existed. The issues are complex and research indicates that incidents of children being victimised are increasing.

Two related studies are discussed in this report. Respondents for Study 1 are guidance officers from the Central Queensland region and issues of interest are: their perceptions regarding the frequency of bullying in schools; whom victims of bullying would be most likely to confide in; whether students would seek assistance from guidance officers if they are being bullied at school; and what strategies are successful for victims. For Study 2, respondents are students at a local Central Queensland high school. The focus is upon whom victims of bullying would be most likely to confide in.

Results for both Studies 1 and 2 indicate that victims of bullying are more likely to tell their friends, and very unlikely to seek assistance from guidance officers, if they are being bullied at school. In Study 1 all respondents, further, report that bullying occurs in their respective schools and many feel that the most successful strategy for dealing with victims of bullying is to adopt a 'whole school' approach.

Both previous studies and this present research indicate some hope for future action against bullying in schools. It is this researcher's opinion, however, that future prospects may be far more sombre and that intervention by guidance officers and school administrators will do little to alleviate the problem while dominance over others is encouraged by society.



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