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Behaviour management policy in Queensland: From text to practice in a local school

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posted on 2022-09-04, 23:33 authored by Robyn Ann Hamilton

This thesis provides an account of how one primary school in the Capncomia Region of the Queensland Education Department set about implementing Central Office Policy, 'Managing Behaviour within a Supportive School Environment' (1993), by developing their own management plan to deal with the occurrence of disruptive and antisocial behaviour in a school environment. This work presents a basis for critical understanding of strategies for developing such a plan. The study provides a focus from which future policy, professional development and community education programs seeking to improve behaviour management in a primary school may be accomplished. Through a reflective analysis of key issues arising from one school's experience. the study raises questions and experiences that heighten the awareness of the problems and issues involved in school based policy implementation. The methodology employed a qualitative case study framework with a critical interpretive intent. Analysis of the data generated several practical recommendations for the successful implementation of Education Department policy at a school management level.



Central Queensland University

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Rockhampton, Queensland

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Professor Leo Bartlett

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