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Analysing Bangladeshi consumers’ e-commerce security and privacy satisfaction in small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs)

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posted on 2023-08-28, 05:51 authored by Shakir KarimShakir Karim
The world has entered the new millennium with great hopes. People understand that the world is very clearly changing in new forms of collaboration and interaction. Information Technology, and, in particular, e-commerce is playing a fundamental part in changing the old economy into a rapid new economy for this world. E-commerce has created a massive series of professional prospects for both organizations and entities from emerging countries to market the products and services overseas and earn foreign exchange for the countries. It is a fact that the majority of consumers use the Internet to complete their online buying and selling. Even if people do not directly shop the products online, shoppers believe a trustworthy business must have an e-commerce system. While a significant number of e-commerce systems have been implemented effectively in special areas of business and industry in developed countries, a considerable number have been unsuccessful, especially in small to medium projects. No prior study has been found in the area of e-commerce security and privacy satisfaction of Bangladeshi SMEs.



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