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An investigation into stress in state primary school teachers in Queensland

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posted on 2022-09-05, 22:33 authored by Peta Zafir

The concepts, causes and indicators of stress are complex and varied. This study investigated teacher stress in a sample of 40 male and 92 female teachers from nine State Primary Schools, in the south-east region of Queensland. The survey instrument implemented in this research was a modified version of one developed by Professor Alex Wearing from the Department of Psychology at the University of Melbourne. The research questions focused on identifying the most common indicators of stress and coping strategies which were used by teachers and also their suggestions about what could be done to reduce the amount of stress associated with teaching.

Disruptive classroom behaviour and excessive time demands were acknowledged as being the two most frequent indicators of stress for males and females. Coping techniques that were implemented by males and females involved increasing planning and doing what they felt was expected of them. Both male and female respondents reported the need to reduce the introduction of government policies, slow the rate of change, cancel Student Performance Standards, reintroduce corporal punishment and expulsion and review discipline policies. Females also sought support from other teachers in the school, employed positive self -reinforcement methods or avoided the situation. The alleviation of teacher stress requires adjustment at many levels. Future research needs to investigate external and internal factors affecting individuals and determine changes that need to be implemented at individual, school and education department levels.



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