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An information sharing model to reduce financial risk in the Bangkok real estate industry with specific reference to the residential housing sector

posted on 06.12.2017, 12:23 by T Sangthong
"The aim of this research study is to develop an information sharing model as a financial management tool to help participants gain more accurate information of the Bangkok real estate industry in the residential housing sector and thus reduce financial risk. The rationale behind the research topic is that the past experience of the financial related property crisis continues to make many people worried about situations similar to the financial crisis being repeated again in the future. Therefore in order to manage and minimize the financial risk of impending crises, more accurate and adequate information for decision-making needs to be provided. This research employed a qualitative method including document reviews and face-to-face in depth interviews to investigate what significant indicators in the Bangkok residential market are required to develop an adequate information sharing model so as to provide significant information to alert the Bangkok real estate industry about financial risk in order to manage impending crises. This research project was conducted in the Bangkok area. The research used the in-depth interview method to gather data from the 20 participants who are specialists in the Bangkok real estate industry to provide comprehensive information from their professional experiences and to suggest the requirements of information in different aspects in their views. The findings of this research highlight that the location information is an outstanding indicator required for housing investment in the Bangkok area. The research findings also imply that the proper medium for providing the residential investment information is a website which should be linked to organizations involved and also linked to social media for sharing proposals between customers and providers. The research findings show that the critical indicators of housing investment are the key elements required for developing the residential information sharing model for providing the vital housing investment information in the Bangkok residential industry. This research recommended that the residential information sharing model is based on the key research findings for providing significant information about the housing investment in the Bangkok residential industry in order to manage impending crises."--Abstract.



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