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An Exploration of Pre-enrolment Career Advice for Pre-commencement Students Considering Study in Community Services Work Courses

posted on 2024-01-22, 00:58 authored by Suewellyn KellySuewellyn Kelly
Enrolment into Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses that do not meet student expectations can cause dissatisfaction with the institution of choice, as well as impact on student retention and completion. If this results in non-completion of study, students may also experience lower self-esteem and confidence. Withdrawal is also costly in staff time and revenue loss from government subsidised training and fee-for-service. Current research reports that the main reason students undertake VET study is the expectation of employment on completion. This study examined whether pre-commencement career advice for students studying community services can inform students on appropriate course selection and readiness for study. As qualifications in community services are unregulated and unlicensed, students are not always aware of the employment outcomes available on completion as these can vary depending on the level of qualification undertaken. The data was collected through semi-structured initial interviews and follow-up surveys. The study used a qualitative research approach including descriptive and thematic analysis to report on themes or patterns that emerge from the student’s perceptions. Findings from this study contributes to the identification of effective strategies that could empower students to make informed career decisions prior to enrolment into VET courses. In addition, this information can enhance support structures that some students may require to be prepared for course commencement. Information gained from this study will be used in future research to develop a career advice program that can be applied to other disciplinary areas and educational contexts.



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A/Prof. Clare Harvey, A/Prof. Julie Fleming

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