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Aged care nursing staff management of the deteriorating resident and hospital avoidance: A theory of planned behaviour study

posted on 13.07.2018, 00:00 by Barbara O'Neill
An ageing population challenges healthcare systems and resources. Efforts are underway in Australia and around the world to find alternatives to hospitalisation for older persons, particularly those transferred from residential aged care facilities (RACFs), where emergency transfers are frequent, costly, stressful for residents, and often considered unnecessary or preventable. RACF nursing staff play a pivotal role in managing residents with deteriorating health and hospital avoidance efforts; therefore, information on their intentions and perceptions regarding this area of their work is needed to underpin programs that aim to enhance nursing skills and confidence. The overarching aim of the study presented in this thesis is to understand and identify factors that influence RACF nursing staff management of residents with deteriorating health.



Central Queensland University

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Associate Professor Trudy Dwyer ; Professor Kerry Reid-Searl ; Professor Lynne Parkinson

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