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Age-related differences in post-exercise recovery following high-intensity exercise in masters and young cyclists

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posted on 2023-05-26, 01:15 authored by Nattai BorgesNattai Borges
The purpose of this thesis and associated series of studies was to compare the acute (<1hr) and chronic recovery (>1 hrs) in well-trained masters and young cyclists following a high-intensity interval training bout (HIT). The thesis comprises of five manuscripts. Manuscript 1 in Chapter 2 is a narrative literature review published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity which examines the significance of the masters athlete population, the importance of recovery for athletes, and the effect of age on recovery following exercise. Manuscripts 2-4 in Chapters 3- 5 investigate age-related differences in acute physiological recovery parameters and Manuscript 5 in Chapter 6 examines differences in chronic parameters of recovery.



Central Queensland University

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Associate Professor Peter Reaburn ; Dr Matthew Driller ; Dr Christos Argus

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