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Adaptive sliding mode control for robotic manipulators by hybridisation

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posted on 2022-03-09, 04:20 authored by Sze San ChongSze San Chong
In this thesis, the trajectory control of robotic manipulators is studied. The thesis consists of two parts.
The first part is the comparison studies of trajectory control of a two link robotic manipulator using various control laws. Simulations are presented to show the merits of each control law and discussions are given.
The second part is development of new control laws. A new control law is formulated by combining two existing control laws and the performance of the hybrid control law is assessed by simulating the action of the two link robotic manipulator controlled by the new hybrid control law. The effect of Regressor Matrix modification on the performance of the robotic manipulator is then studied by using the control law of Slotine and Li. In order to find out whether regressor matrix modification and composite adaptation can further improve the performance of a control law, these two modifications are then incorporated into the new hybrid control law and the performance of the manipulator is assessed. Simulations are presented to verify the effectiveness of the approach proposed.



Central Queensland University

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Dr Xing Huo Yu

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