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A review of collaborative teacher networks using action research to enhance professional development

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posted on 22.06.2022, 04:20 authored by Debra K Martin

This study focuses on the professional development approach utilised by the Capricornia Educators' Professional Development Consortium (CEPDC). From July 1994 until December 1996, three CEPDC Numeracy projects (among others) were implemented in Central Queensland to provide educators with professional development opportunities to enhance the quality of their educational practice and improve student learning outcomes. An action research methodology was employed to examine these projects, funded by the Federal Government's National Professional Development Program (NPDP). Specifically, the intention of this study was to (i) review the use of CEPDC networks of teachers as a mechanism for delivering teacher professional development; (ii) determine the benefits and difficulties of using action research as a teacher professional development process, and (iii) draw conclusions to identify significant implications for future professional development programs.


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