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A local analysis of contemporary Chinese/- Australian art by Guan Wei, Wang Zhiyuan and Ah Xian using a global aesthetic

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posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by AJ Ash
Study examines "the contemporary art practice of three diasporic artists: Guan Wei, Wang Zhiyuan, and Ah Xian and documents their practice and analyses their work using contextual methods".. This project sheds light on Australian art that reflects an emerging global aesthetic. I map the historically oriented relations of artistic exchange in the Asia-Australia region with a focus on contemporary hybrid art created by diasporic artists. I am primarily concerned with the mobile and adaptive cultural exchanges between cultures in response to globalisation. Globalisation is seen as the tension between the global and the local where each informs the other. The underlying processes of globalisation are used to develop an aesthetic that underpins contemporary hybrid art practice located on the interstice between the global and local. I outline a new aesthetics to engage with such transformational art based on multiaxiality, dispersion, transience, unassimilabilty, translation and hybridity. Through case study, I address the contemporary art practice of three diasporic artists: Guan Wei, Wang Zhiyuan, and Ah Xian using a global aesthetic. Taking the artwork of these artists, I document their practice and analyse their work using contextual methods. Finally, I detail the outcomes and syntheses of the research emerging from history, place, theory and most importantly art practice informed by globalisation. The study has implications for artists, theorists, historians, and critics concerning specifically Chinese/-Australian art and contemporary hybrid art in Australia and Asia.



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