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A literature-based comparative analysis of government policy and community-based supervision of mentally ill persons who sometimes offend

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posted on 2023-08-25, 05:24 authored by Bruce ShukerBruce Shuker
My research is concerned with understanding how the rationality of power influences policy making and implementation in dealing with mentally ill persons who sometimes offend (MIPSOs) particularly with regard to supervision of that cohort while living in the community. It employs a cross-national comparative methodology that serves as a tool for investigating classifications of social phenomena in order to establish whether shared phenomena can be explained by the same causes. The methodology focuses on how power formulates, presents and legitimises what is to be counted as rationality and rational courses of action within policy-making and its implementation in contemporary liberal democracies. Internationalising the framework for examining social and cultural differences enables exploration of national contexts where part of the requirement is to have an intimate knowledge of all the countries under study.



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Dr Daniel Teghe ; Dr James McAllister

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