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A foot in both camps: A constructivist grounded theory study exploring the experience of nurses who became homeopaths

posted on 22.06.2020, 00:00 by Sandra Worsley
This research aimed to understand the factors attracting qualified nurses to the practice of homeopathy and the influence if any, their respective identities as nurses and homeopaths had on their nursing and homeopathic practice. Using constructivist grounded theory methodology, data was collected via semi-structured interviews with fifteen registered nurses, who were also registered homeopaths, from three states of Australia. Data from the study resulted in the development of a substantive theory, the ‘Theory of Congruent Positioning’, which proposes that the nurses in this study were attracted to the practice of homeopathy through a process of experiential and transformative learning, whereby they connected with the core tenets of homeopathic philosophy. The ‘Theory of Congruent Positioning’ also provides insights into how the respective nursing and homeopathic identities of the nurses in this study influenced their respective nursing and homeopathic practice.



Central Queensland University

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Dr Wendy Hillman ; Associate Professor Jennieffer Barr

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