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A descriptive study on: The impact of climate and comfort on patient's compliance with compression therapy

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posted on 2022-03-14, 02:53 authored by Kerrie Coleman
Leg ulcers are a common problem especially amongst the elderly, with incidence rates of 3.3/1000 in Australia (Baker, Stacey, Jopp-McKay, Hoskin & Thompson 1991 p.864). The persistence and recurrence of venous ulcers presents a management challenge to the patient and the health care team (Chase, Melloni & Savage 1997). It is important therefore that treatment offered should be based on rigorous research, and that also in general this type of research should facilitate understanding of how venous leg ulcers, and their treatments, impact on people's lives (Walshe 1995).



Central Queensland University

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Wendy Madsen

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