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The role of information and communication networks in the decision to seek asylum and the choice of Australia

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Danielle EveryDanielle Every
Although there are many assumptions made about why asylum seekers choose particular destinations, there is, as yet, only a small body of research that seeks to understand this decision-making from an evidence-based perspective. In particular, there is little research within the Australian context. Existing research identifies destination outcomes as the product of multiple macro and micro factors strengthening and weakening particular migration pathways. Within the constraints of broad factors which influence the choice of destination (persecution, poverty and war in the country of origin; visa conditions and travel accessibility of host countries; agents), there are community and individual factors (social networks, access to information) that may also shape destination decisions.This research paper adds to our current understanding of Australia as an asylum destination. It analyses the factors which shape Australia as a destination based on qualitative interviews conducted between April and June 2014 with 33 former IMAs of Iranian and Afghani descent, who have since been granted protection visas and, at the time of interview, lived in South Australia.


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