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The 'Living Model': A resource manual for Indigenous palliative care service delivery

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Pamela McgrathPamela Mcgrath, Hamish HolewaHamish Holewa
The model outlined is the generic model developed directly from the insights of the participants in the research and affirmed through the democratic process of national peer-review by experts in Indigenous health. The generic model stands as a base line of information to be applied by service providers to their own unique circumstances. As every service is different, there will be great variation in the detail of the specifically developed model for each service. There may be great diversity on such issues as needs, obstacles, resources, geography, populations and service aims. Such diversity will be reflected in a different configuration of factors underpinning the model development for each service. The commonality between the varied service models will be the myriad of essential factors posited by the generic model. Thus, the view is of a ‘Living Model’ – the generic model providing a firm foundation which can be applied to the needs of the plethora of services involved in providing Indigenous palliative care.


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