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Summary report : results of APRI wall bracing tests : to: Australian Particleboard Research Institute

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by C McDowall
"This report presents racking results obtained for 29 tests performed on 2.4 m high x 3.0 m long, timber framed, particleboard sheathed wall panels. Complete test results, as being typical for the whole range of panels, are given for six panels, one of which was tested in bending, racking and uplift, another in uplift and racking, and the remaining four in racking alone. Studs for all frames were at 600 mm centres, particleboard sheathing was 6 mm thick, and nailing patterns either the standard 150/300 or close 75/150. Timber framing was 70 x 45 mm and 90 x 45 mm, F8 Radiata pine, 70 x 38 mm and 70 x 50 mm, F11 hardwood and 70 x 40 mm, F17 hardwood. A total of four of the panels were tested incorporating a cyclone rod. Design racking, loads (kN/m) have been evaluated and racking resistances grouped on the basis of species, nailing pattern, and whether or not a rod has been fitted. Compatible reports to the information contained herein are TWP Reports 105, 114, 116, 122 and 124."--p. (ii).


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