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Pedometer reliability, validity and feasibility report, 2010

This study aimed to determine the reliability and accuracy of three pedometer models to monitor steps taken during four different walking speeds (3.2km/h, 4.8km/h, 5.6km/h and self-selected). Each person completed the walking trials twice in a random order, the three pedometer modes tested in the current study the YP2025, MK-365 and the Yamax Digi-walker SW200. Inter-unit reliability refers to the ability of the different pedometer units within the same pedometer model type to acquire the same step count vale in a trial. Intra-trial reliability is the ability of the pedometer unit to replicate the same step count values across multiple trials. The validity of a pedometer refers to its accuracy, i.e. the degree of error that is evident between the pedometer measured step count value and the actual step count.


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CQUniversity, Institute for Health and Social Science Research

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Rockhampton, Qld.

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