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Keppel Sands beach : analysis of beach changes 2000-2003 : monitoring versus numerical simulation

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Jurek PiorewiczJurek Piorewicz
"Results obained from the verified GENESIS model were more satisfactory than those initially taken when compared to beach behavior in the recent year. Simulations of the future shoreline changes showed that the process is not continuosly progressive. It is dynamically changeable depending on the actual wave conditions and no sand accumulation being expected near the southern end of the rock wall. Crenulate Shaped Bay Theory, based on the persistant swell waves action when applied to the Keppel Sands Beach condition, shows on the other hand, that progressive sand accumulation along the rock wall is possible, but not along the entire length of the rock wall. In both cases, the prediction of shoreline changes in complex conditions, as along the Keppel Sands, requires continuous monitoring and verification of the theoretical prediction for the improvement of applicable knowledge of the coastal processes."--p. 3


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