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Development of taro, yam, yam bean and sweet potato exports to Japan and USA : a report for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by David MidmoreDavid Midmore, Daniel White, V Nguyen, D Hicks, E Coleman, S Newman, P Wilk, D Reeve, P McLaughlin
This report provides summary and detail of the project aimed to establish ongoing export trade of the Asian root crops taro, yam, yam bean and/or sweet potato to Japan and/or USA. The project proceeded in two stages. The first stage involved market assessment through information available in literature and databases, and followed up by information from two visits by project participants to Japan and USA. This has been published and available on the RIRDC website under the title of 03/052 Selected markets for taro, sweet potato and yam (Vinning, 2003). Stage two of the project primarily involved production, quality and marketing trials of a sato-imo cultivar already available in Australia. This report details the activities and achievements of Stage 2. Who is the research targeted at? The information generated from this project is of benefit for producers and marketers contemplating diversification into Asian root crops for domestic and export markets. It is also important as a general case study of attempts to establish relatively new crops for commercial production and export. As well as providing information about requirements for crop production and marketing, this report also indicates some of the challenges that were encountered. The expected beneficiaries are primarily Australian producers who can establish cost-effective production of good to high quality produce for supply to an increased domestic market and to select export markets. It is also expected that consumers in Australia would also benefit from having an increased variety of nutritious vegetables to choose from.


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