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Decision making, team monitoring and organisational performance. Part three, Team performance monitoring research stream

posted on 06.12.2017, 00:00 by Christopher BearmanChristopher Bearman
This research report is a report for the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC project: Practical Decision Tools for Improved Decision-Making in Complex Situations. The project plan for this research includes three main research streams: Decision making, team monitoring and organizational performance. The initial work in the project has identified that the three research streams in the project are best treated as interrelated but distinct bodies of work. Each of the research streams has been coordinated by one of the principal researchers in the project and each research stream is thus considered separately. While we have chosen to present the research streams individually there is a large degree of interrelation between the streams, particularly between the team monitoring and organizational performance streams; and both are informed by the decision-making tranche of work. The interdependence of these streams will be emphasized in later phases of the research project. This report presents an overview of the work conducted in each of the three research streams. More information about each of these research streams is contained in three separate reports called respectively: Decision Making, Team Monitoring & Organizational Performance. The overview of research conducted so far is followed by a section that outlines the next stages of the project.


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