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Case studies to enhance student evaluation : 2015 Curtin University : a validated instrument assures quality

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posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by B Tucker, V Naidu, MM Judd, S Kinash, Julie FlemingJulie Fleming, C Nair, E Santhanam, M Tulloch
It is well recognised that the student voice has an important role in quality improvement processes in higher education. Student feedback on their experiences in teaching and learning is captured in evaluation surveys across the higher education sector in Australia. It has long been argued that in order to focus on quality improvement, evaluation surveys should focus on student learning outcomes rather than on teacher inputs. The research literature indicates that the quality of teaching can only be established when the quality of learning and subsequent achievement of learning outcomes is evaluated.


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Australian Catholic University; Bond University (Gold Coast, Qld.); Charles Sturt University; Curtin University; Office of Learning and Teaching; TBA Research Institute; University of Western Australia;

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