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Does a masculine leadership style represent our multicultural society?

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posted on 24.10.2019, 00:00 by Josina van den AkkerJosina van den Akker, K Woldring
A masculine leadership, such as the one evident in our Liberal Government, results in the belittling of minority groups, writes Dr José van den Akker and Dr Klaas Woldring. NIKI SAVVA'S BOOK ‘Plots and Prayers’ reports on the events that took place last August, events that reflect the relationships at the highest level of Australian Government today — and little of it is pretty. The relationships at the highest levels of Government are damaged but also damaging the multicultural fabric of Australian society. The prospective of yet another political crisis also remains intact. The authoritarian attitude of various Coalition MPs, epitomised by Peter Dutton, suggests the development of a technocratic police State. Short-term thinking and egotistical self-aggrandising manners are also evidenced in the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. As Savva’s book suggests, Morrison is the top political leader of this country, but he is also someone who can be brusque with ministers and engages in shouting matches. Their adversarial nature dominates the Australian political culture and its discourse and is offensive and unacceptable in various non-Anglophone, particularly feminine, cultures.



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