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The Straits: Original soundtrack recording (Songs 5, 17 and 23 produced by Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum)

posted on 2021-02-25, 03:04 authored by D Bridie, A David, Karl NeuenfeldtKarl Neuenfeldt, G Telek, L Rumwaropen, W Hatch, Seaman Dan
This is music, sounds and songs for murder, guilt and pay-back. Love and intrigue. A sense of place amongst the metropolis of Cairns (the city in the north), to the many white sand Torres Strait Island communities and then up across the border into jungles, swamplands, mountains and atolls of Papua New Guinea. This album showcases some of the regions unique new artists such as Maupower, Airileke, Ngaiire and Mogu as well as legendary artists Uncle Seaman Dan, Albert David, George Telek and Kadu. Amongst the Raskols, the Church congregations, the Montebello family subterfuge, the Cairns bikie gangs, the corrupt police, the crocodile farms, mangrove swamps and turquoise waters of the tropical north we hear stringband, reggae, hip-hop, old pearling songs, traditional sing sings and score featuring instruments unique to these parts: mambu, garamuts, warups, kundus, conch shells and of course the ubiquitous ukulele. Wantok Musik W0008 Songs 5, 17, and 23 produced by Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum. 5. Mena Menali, Seaman Dan (G. Mye), Steady Steady Music. Torres Strait Islander cultural custodian George Mye (MBE, OAM) originally wrote this song in Meriam Mer, a language of the eastern Torres Strait. From the album Steady Steady, produced by Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum. 17. Ailan Kwiktaim, Seaman Dan (S. Dan / K. Neuenfeldt / N. Pegrum), Steady Steady Music. Inspired by two popular Thursday Island (T.I.) songs, Seaman Dan wrote new lyrics to recount sailing trips to the pearling ports of T.I., Darwin and Broome. Original version appears on the album Steady Steady produced by Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum. 23. Kapa Roa'ia se Lalo, Seaman Dan (Composer: Unknown/Authors: Rev. I. Fatiaki / S. Dan / K. Neuenfeldt), Steady Steady Music. Inspired by the music of the migrants from northern most Fijian island of Rotuma in the late 19th century Kapa Roa'ia Se Lalo is a chant or sua, about the importance of remembering your culture when you leave your home village. From the album Island Way by Seaman Dan. Produced by Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum.


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