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Bridging the gap

posted on 2017-12-06, 00:00 authored by Denise BecktonDenise Beckton
Research background This short story was inspired by the actions of Donald (Don) Ritchie who prevented more than 160 people from suiciding from Sydney’s, The Gap (SMH 2012). Building on Nabokov’s story ‘Signs and symbols’ (1948), this work juxtaposes two narratives within a larger structure and relies heavily on symbolism in order to gradually unveil plot elements and build a sense of suspense (de la Durantaye 2006, Rosenzweig 1980). The measured revelation of information highlights nuances within the narrative, and conveys information about how the relationships of characters change over time, according to shared experience. Research contribution This work highlights issues that contribute to mental illness in Australia (ABS 2014) and contemporary attitudes about multiculturalism, immigration and Australia’s involvement in international conflicts (SMH 2014). The narrative is constructed to create awareness, and foster contemplation, about current contentious issues the belief systems that exist around them. It goes further to imply that through simple acts of interpersonal kindness people can facilitate societal change, and that ‘a simple conversation could change a person’s life’ (R U OK? 2014). Research significance By replicating Nabokov’s use of textual devices to build suspense and drive plot, this work serves as an example of how a fictional narrative can be a vehicle to discuss contemporary societal issues. This story has been accepted for publication in a leading peer-refereed journal.





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