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The exegesis now: Where are we, and where are we going?

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posted on 2022-08-22, 22:53 authored by Craig BattyCraig Batty, Donna BrienDonna Brien
This Special Issue asks: what does the creative writing PhD exegesis look like today? Related questions include whether it is still – and, indeed, if it ever was – called an exegesis across all, or most, institutions; and does it still primarily exist as a separate, written document that accompanies the creative work? Representing a series of key institutions and creative writing academics across Australia, this Special Issue of TEXT draws together supervisors and candidates to reflect upon and provide rich, experience-based accounts of what the exegesis looks like and how it functions today. One of the aims of this is to start to think about the future of the form; indeed, where the exegesis might go next.



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