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On development of a ring type mechanical force transducer: Shape optimization, modification and characterization with different optimization codes

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posted on 2023-09-14, 03:28 authored by GSM van Stratan, Neamul KhandokerNeamul Khandoker, S Islam
This research paper focuses on the design and optimization of a ring type mechanical force transducer known as a proving ring. Three different optimization codes were used and compared to develop a universal ring design with optimum stress and enhanced ring sensitivity. In the optimization section, minimum ring thickness was found between 45 and 60° with maximum thickness at point of load application across all three optimization codes. Generalized reduced gradient code (GRG) yielded the largest decrease in maximum stress at 98% with a ring sensitivity increased by 19.5%. Bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization code (BESO) sees a slight reduction of stress at horizontal location at 8.3% but sensitivity was increased by 8%. ABAQUS shape optimization codes saw significant decrease in stress at horizontal location with reduction of 66.5% with ring sensitivity having the largest increase by 48.7%. From the optimization results, a simple geometric modification of the circular ring was made. Using finite element analysis, the modified ring design showed increased sensitivity as well as better stress levels compared to the conventional circular and octagonal ring shapes. With respect to the stress and deflection characteristics of the modified ring, the design can be said to be universal due to no minimal change in those factors when ring size increases. A last design modification was made to the modified ring by implementing a double ring design with two curved sections. It was found that the double ring design had lower stress levels compared to the modified ring with a slight increase in ring sensitivity.


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