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Numerical investigaton for predicting diesel engine performance and emission using different fuels

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posted on 2022-12-08, 06:08 authored by S Patel, Md Abul Kalam AzadMd Abul Kalam Azad, Mohammad KhanMohammad Khan
The study focused on the numerical investigation for predicting engine performance and emission for a diesel engine using different fuels. The study reviewed recent literature on the effect of biofuels blend for maximizing the emission reduction for a sustainable environment. The key issues with the existing fuels have been briefly discussed in this article. The study investigated performance and emission characteristics using ethanol 85% blend denoted as E85 and Decane as an alternative fuel and compared the results with petroleum diesel fuel. The important physio-chemical fuel properties have been studied and compared with that of the commercial diesel fuel. The engine specification and other relevant information have been presented. The study investigated engine performance numerically by software tool by varying engine speeds at 1200 rpm, 1600 rpm, 2000 rpm and 2400 rpm at full load condition. The result presents the engine performance (such as BP, BSFC, BTE) and emission characteristics (CO, CO2, HC, NOx) using E85 and Decane and compared them with diesel at the same operating conditions. The study found that E85 fuel significantly reduces emission compared to Decane and diesel, however, it shows a poor performance. The numerical results were validated by experimental results and the reliability of the finding was discussed with an error analysis. Finally, the study recommended for more study on those fuels running at varying different engine operating conditions and using fuel blends.




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